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What is Hype-AIO

Hype-AIO is a hub for all types of streetwear and sneaker communities. It was started after we got bored of spending hours and hours before the drop scrolling through 100’s of pages of contradicting information trying to find an accurate piece of information, as a result we created this site, a website designed to bring all of that vital information into one place. Read more about us here.

What are the benefits of paid membership?

Site memberships grant you access to a multitude of features that free users do not have access to such as:

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  • Access to Supreme mystery boxes (Off-white, Nike and Adidas coming soon)

What are the contests?

The contests on the site are paid entry contests that allow you to have a chance to get your favourite items, to successfully enter a contest you must correctly answer a question, for example Who is the designer behind Yeezy? a) Kanye West b) Lil Pump c) Gucci Mane Your incorrect answers will be charged and refunded within 2 days by us.  View our current contests here.

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