What are the paid memberships for?

Paid memberships are still a work in progress so please continue to support us by participating in contests and using the forums. When memberships are working they will be monthly subscriptions that let you access more content than a standard user such as:

  • Contests for much more hyped and valued items
  • Limited free entries to standard contests
  • Across site discounts
  • Access to limited stock of products that you will be able to purchase at retail price instead of paying a 300% markup for resell

What is Hype-AIO?

Hype-AIO is a hub for all types of streetwear and sneaker communities.

Why did we create Hype-AIO?

We decided to create Hype-AIO after we realised how tedious it is to spend the night before the drop scrolling through 100’s of Instagram pages and websites trying to find reliable information. We created Hype-AIO to act as a main hub where we collect all that data for you.

What can I do on Hype-AIO?

You can:

  • Discuss drops
  • Buy proxies
  • Enter Contests
  • Rent Bots
  • View Droplists
  • View resell estimates/current resell on StockX(Coming soon)
  • Help build the community

The ideology behind Hype-AIO is to create one community for everything you need but to do that we need you to help us.

The highest rated forum user at the end of every week will receive a free entry into every contest currently on.

Are the products legit?

Yes! All contest prizes are bought off of StockX and will arrive with the StockX certified tag. All bots are 100% legitimate and bought straight from the developers and all proxies are supplied by Jeru035 

Any questions? Contact us!